7 Signs of Physical Attraction Men Display When They're Attracted to You.

Men won't always communicate their attraction towards you through direct words.

In most cases, the signs of physical attraction are communicated through gestures and other types of body language.

Having the ability to read signs of physical attraction is an extremely important skill to develop.

It can help you recognise whether or not a man who you're interested in and attracted to, is also interested and attracted to you. Recognising these signs then allow you to create that spark, attraction, chemistry and connection together.

The better you become at reading a man's body language and identifying the clues of physical attraction between you and a man, the more confident you'll feel in being able to respond appropriately to any dating situation you may be in, maximising it's potential to move towards a exclusive relationship together.

So let's get stuck in with 7 signs of physical attraction that men display when they have an interest in you.

1. Acting Shy and Nervous.

Confident men generally display their levels of attraction towards you in a more direct way. With shy guys, it's a little bit different.

Shy guys tend to act a bit more indirect when interacting with you simply because they like you. They're not sure how to communicate their attraction towards you so they act shy and nervous because they think they may screw things up.

The tip here is to pay attention to his level of fidgeting and overall body language.

Constant fidgeting with the hands, hat, jewellery or any other object that is in close proximity to him is a sign that he is feeling something.

Another thing to look out for is if he tends to look away when talking to you. This is an indicator that he's likely feeling shy and it's because he's in front of a beautiful woman (you).

2. Prolonged Stares.

I ain't talking about the "He's giving me the creeps" type of stare but more of a mesmerising stare.

When he looks at you his eyes smile, they're fixed on you without him speaking too much. He eyes show an excitement towards you.

Another sign of physical attraction that a man will demonstrate towards you is letting you catch him checking out your body so that you can get his message of interest, signed and sealed. This one is quite common.

3. Touching or Stroking You on The Arms or Hands.

You may be fairly new and fresh into your interactions with a guy and he is going to want to test whether or not you're interested in him and how comfortable you are.

So he may make a point to periodically touch you softly, either on your arms, lower back or hands whilst smiling at you. At this point he quite clearly likes you, he just wants you to know it.

It's a bold move for a man. This is him openly putting himself out there saying: "I like you" now let's see how you respond. If the feeling is mutual, a nice smile back will do the trick.

4. Deliberately Brushes His Body Onto Yours.

This is all about his need to make and feel that physical contact with you.

This is similar to play fighting except that this more of a little gesture and isn't prolonged but it's enough to let you know that it was intentional.

He may even try to cover it up by half-heartedly apologising for it. He doesn't mean this apology, he meant to brush or bump into you.

For example, imagine you're both looking at a magazine, a painting or something similar, he'll move in extra close to you just so he can gently brush against you, whilst pretending that he's interested in what you're both supposedly looking at, yeah right!

It's all part of his plan. It's very subtle but also very effective at communicating his liking for you.

5. Loves To Play Fight With You.

This sign of physical attraction doesn't get any more obvious than this.

You could say it's the oldest trick in the book.

The man you're dating may tease you a little bit as a way to encourage a little play-fight with you, anything to have physical contact.

The tease is subtle and he may not openly communicate that he's physically attracted to you, but if it happens often, the interest is there.

6. Dazzles You With Mesmerising Smiles

The smile is a powerful thing, too bad not many people give smiles out these days but even more reason to view a smile as a good thing.

Whilst a man smiling at you doesn't necessarily equate to a sign of physical attraction, a mesmerising one more likely does, depending on the guy.

A mesmerising smile is one that is enthusiastic, happy to see you and be with you, one that warms you up and makes you feel good and is usually accompanied by "soft" eye contact at the same time.

7. Mirrors Your Body Language.

We tend to mirror a person's body language, tone etc when we are in rapport with them and feel connected and in tune with their frequency so to speak.

When you lean in to talk, does he do the same? If you speak softly, does he respond with a soft voice?

Some guys really do try hard and in some cases men will even try to exaggerate their posture a bit to give themselves more of a physical presence in the hope that you notice and pick it up.

Next time you're out with a guy, observe his body language, pay attention to how he's interacting with you and notice if you can pick up on any of these signs.

Remember, the more you develop this ability to recognise the signs of physical attraction the more likely it is to help you in identifying the right man for you at the right time.

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