16 Sure Signs He Likes You When Dating Men.

What do you do when you've been talking to a guy for quite a while and you feel that he has what it takes for you to want to take your interests a little further, like begin officially dating or simply make it known that you're feeling him?

It's not like he's coming out and directly saying:

"Hey, I like you, I want to get to know you better and I think we should start dating to see where we could take this level of chemistry that we have between us."

The signs that he likes you become a bit more trickier to read and interpret.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just read his mind and know exactly what's going in there?

You'd know exactly what to say and do but because you don't have that luxury, you have to learn to interpret the signs and know what signs say: he likes you.

And I know exactly how you feel in this sort of situation.

You don't want to make a move or mention it just in case he doesn't like you and makes you feel like an idiot for even thinking such a thing.

But at the same time, deep down inside of you, you DO want to know.

You want to know something, something that says "He likes me, let's see where we could take this."

The good news is that there are many signs that a guy can and will demonstrate to indicate his interest in you.

In fact, he is subtly showing you these signs hoping that YOU pick up on them so that HE knows that YOU like him and whether it's safe for him to advance.

To take your dating life to the next level and make the most out of the opportunities that come your way and recognising Mr Right when he shows up, it's important that you school yourself with how men communicate interest in women.


Because if you don't learn how to read the cues and signs that he likes you and is interested in dating you, you run the high risk of indirectly pushing away good men and losing out on potential dates, ones that could lead to a potential long-term relationship.

And you'll still be left stuck and wondering whether or not he likes you and you won't be any more the wiser should a next opportunity knock on your window of love.

You'll eventually end up making unnecessary assumptions, getting things twisted, whilst possibly screwing things up between you just because you're not able to decipher whether or not he likes you and if he would be interested in taking the interest to the next stage.

You won't know if you should make the approach or to encourage him to do so instead.

But if you do learn to read and correctly interpret some of the signs, the signs that he likes you, you will be able to capitalise on potential dates that may have otherwise gotten away had you not noticed.

You'll have the added confidence of KNOWING that your advances won't be rejected or blown off.

You'll be able to flirt and communicate with supreme confidence knowing that you have a solid platform to take your interest in each other to the next phase.

Watch What He Does, Not What He Says.

Many men will show you signs of interest to see whether or not YOU like them.

Most of them also feel the need to know so that they can be confident that their advances won't be blown-off. Sound familiar?

Once he picks up on your level of interest he'll then decide to make his advances more overt and direct.

After all, for most men their pride and ego are at stake and being rejected isn't something they're looking forward to.

So most of this communication will be through suggestive innuendos, subtle body language such as touch and playful fighting along with some indirect verbal talk or what is also known as banter.

If you're familiar with the estimates out there relating to the percentages of how much of our communication comes from where, you'll know that:

  • 7% are the words we use.
  • 33% are the way the words are said, in other words the tone.
  • And 60% are non-verbal, through our body language.

This means that most of what a man is communicating to you about whether or not he likes you isn't coming from his mouth.

So learn to read a man's body language and pick up on the way he says things to you, and the signs that he likes you will become more apparent. They will tell you most of what you need to know.

Here's Some Signs He Likes You.

signs that he likes you

1. Responds to your advances. - if he is mirroring your body language and gestures then he is in rapport with you which is a good thing. Also if you pass off a flirtatious comment and he responds favourably, you're in.

2. He asks you out. - If he's asked you out then this is an obvious clue to a sign of interest.

3. Can I have your number? - If you've just met for the first time or even if it's not the first but he asks you for your number, it's another sure sign he likes you.

4. He talks about you to his friends. - In a nice, positive way of course. If he tells you that he has told his friends about you, there is a reason for that and it ain't because he don't like you.

5. Considerable effort to groom well. - If you can detect an extra effort in his grooming and dress then it's another sign, is it really normal to wear a suit to bowling???

6. Wants to know about you and your life. - Showing a clear interest in your life and what you're interested and passionate about are obvious signs he likes you.

7. Acts of chivalry. - Who said chivalry is dead? Well if it is and he is doing "gentleman-type" stuff for you like opening doors, pulling out chairs etc, he is openly displaying his thoughts to you through his actions.

8. Gives you compliments. - Not flattery, but sincere and genuine compliments.

This one is a little harder to detect because compliments these days come easily and readily for some guys but a guy who doesn't often compliment you but does so sparingly is likely interested, especially if it's more about you as a person rather than your looks. (although that's nice too!)

9. Seemingly always tries to get next to you. - This is more of a shy guy move. Shy guys will try to be near you, seemingly a bit nervous and wait for you to say something before he has the courage to say whatever it is that's on his mind.

In fact, he's probably asking himself the same question you're asking: "I wonder if she likes me."

10. Teasing and Flirting. - You don't need me to tell you that this a sure sign he likes you. If he keeps teasing you, bantering or flirting to get your attention, he's into you. Male body language in full effect.

11. Never says no. - If he rarely says NO to you and gladly does anything for you including mad favours, do you need anymore clues?

12. He's got a new name for you. - This is a good thing by the way. Calling you a nickname/pet name is another sure sign he likes you.

13. Selective memory. - Pays attention to you and the important things you say. Notices and remembers things about you.

14. Is there for you in your time of need. - He shows that he cares about you, when you're sick, sad or worried, he does everything he can to make you smile.

15. Stares and glazes at you. - He sneaks glances at you when you're not looking and when he gets caught, he looks away.

16. Starts talking hypothetically about the two of you. - He jokes about dating you, marrying you or anything that would insinuate a relationship are clues and signs that he likes you.

It's Time To Learn The Signs That Say He Likes You. Go Out There and Put It To The Test.

Next time you're out with a guy on a date or if you're around men, observe their behaviour. Listen to the way they say things to you and watch out for the body language clues I have given you.

Observe it with the mindset of seeking to understand it. Avoid any judgments.

Understand why he's doing it, he's likely doing things to get your attention and hope that you pick it up and respond. When you notice it, respond in a way that indicates you have received the message.

And just generally watch men interact with women, whether it's at work, in a bar, watching a romantic movie, or you're just socialising, look for clues that communicate interest and you'll increase your chances of spotting the signs he likes you.

For added assurances, ask a male friend that you trust to tell you what he thinks about your observations.

It's always a good idea to get a more objective perspective when possible, it helps you decode and understand the signs that he likes you better.

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