Why Guys Test Your Boundaries in Dating.

All men will test your boundaries in dating for one very simple reason:

They want to know if you're a woman who's all about serious and committed relationships or if you're a woman to have fun with for the time being.

Everything else flows from there.

Immature and emotionally unavailable men will test your boundaries to see whether or not they can get away with enjoying some of the benefits that come with being in a relationship with you without having to commit.

These men will never be interested in having a relationship with you no matter how good your credentials are, they're simply not ready for that right now.

Equally, emotionally mature and evolved men will also test your boundaries in dating but in a different way and for different reasons.

These men test you to see if they too can also get away with enjoying some of the benefits that come with being in a relationship with you but only to see if you would be a compatible match long-term.

They may not be specifically looking for a relationship right now but they are certainly open to it and should your boundaries and standards stack up, they'll be willing to explore that avenue with you.

Respectable men respect and want to have committed and fulfilling relationship with a woman who's consistent and firm with her boundaries. Most men find it an attractive quality.

It communicates to them how you expect to be treated, what he can and can't get away with and whether or not it's a challenge he feels up to or can even meet.

So early on during your dating with a man, the boundaries in dating you set and uphold will play a huge role in helping a man see you as relationship material or just a woman he wants to have sex with.

Let me give you a further insight into why guys (ones who would be interested in a committed relationship with you) are testing your boundaries.

He's Looking To See If He Can Trust You and You Trust Him.

It's all about trust really, wouldn't you agree?

If trust doesn't exist from both sides, any relationship you build will be on borrowed time.

So if this guy is open to a relationship with you at some point, he's going to be testing your boundaries to see if he can trust you, whether or not you're consistent with what you say and what you do.

He also wants to see whether or not you trust him too.

If he gets the impression you lack trust in him, he isn't going to be too motivated about the two of you having a healthy long-term relationship together.

Would you want to be with a man who couldn't trust you? Enough said.

Men Crave Respect Almost More Than Anything In The World.

I know there are men out there who don't know how to respect women, so for the sake of this point, let's talk about the men who do respect and know how to appreciate women.

A respectable man wants to respect his woman and your boundaries help tell him if you respect yourself. If they tell him you don't, how can he respect you? That's he's dilemma.

This respect is built from the standards and boundaries in dating a woman displays and remains true to.

Men crave respect and most certainly need to feel that any woman they're dating respects him as a man.

So guys will test to see if you respect him as a man as well as your standards allowing him to respect you as a woman.

How Do You Wish To Be Treated?

As I mentioned earlier, your personal boundaries tell people how they can treat you - what you will and will not tolerate.

Based on this, they then decide whether or not you're a person they can get along or be compatible with.

It's also a reflection of how you see yourself - your self-worth, respect and your self-esteem.

Immature, selfish and emotionally unavailable men want women they can manipulate and control to their advantage. So if your boundaries in dating are flaky and you end up in a relationship with him, you've likely attracted this type of man through your boundaries.

Mature and evolved men love to be with women who are very clear and firm about how they wish to be treated, not just by men but by all people they interact with.

Do you allow men (or anybody for that matter) to put you down and get away with it?

Do you apply adequate consequences to people who violate your boundaries?

Do you pull him up when he crosses the line? How often can he cross the line before you say or do anything?

These sort of things act as a preview into your standards and self-respect. If they're wishy-washy and not consistent he's not likely to see you as relationship potential.

How Would It Be Being With You In The Long Run?

Will being in a relationship with you be a supportive, respectful, loving and trusting experience?

Or will it be one that's full of drama, nagging, arguments and emotional conflicts?

This is what he wants to find out because most men hate the latter.

If it's the former, he will accept you for who you are and begin to work towards establishing a relationship with you.

If not, then he's either going to start playing games with you until he gets bored or he'll just forget the whole idea altogether.

But now, he also wants to know if his standards match yours and that's why it's important that you too also have a way at testing a man's standards and boundaries in dating, you'll discover a lot from doing so.

Because equally, a man has to add up to your liking as well, it's not all about him, so make sure your standards are congruent in helping you attract the right type of man for you into your life.

Men typically want a strong independent woman who values and respects herself and who is emotionally stable and mature. These are the main areas men will test when getting to know you.

So develop strong and consistent boundaries around these aspects.

Stay true to your values and principles, never compromise yourself just to please a man, you'll end up regretting it.

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